Baghdad streets

Hey folks,
this is my first base for my new modern US infantry in Iraq.
On this base i want to add two more figures, but they are not ready yet.


Waffen SS Painting Guide

dot: Vallejo 833 German Cam. Bright Green
Vallejo 835 Salmon Rose
Waffen SS pea dot camo :

Trousers : Vallejo 825 German Cam. Pale Brown + highlight 825 German Cam. Pale Brown + white

dot: Vallejo 822 German Cam. Black Brown
Finished figure.

Skin: GW Elf Flesh
Trousers: -
Jacket: oakleaf camo : Vallejo 979 German Cam. Dark Green after this apply into the green Vallejo 833 German Cam. Bright Green

Stg 44 and helmet: GW Fortress Grey
Haversack: Foundry Rawhide 11C
Mag pouches: -
Belt: -
Sling: -

Now add the first highlights on your figure.

Skin: GW Dwarf Flesh
Trousers: 830 German Fieldgrey + White
Jacket: 825 German Cam. Pale Brown + White
Stg 44 and helmet: GW Codex Grey + optional white badge
Haversack: Foundry Rawhide 11B
Mag pouches: Foundry American Tan 92 B
Belt: Black + Grey
Sling: Foundry Tan Shade 14A

Skin: GW Tanned Flesh
Trousers: Vallejo 830 German Fieldgrey
Jacket: Vallejo 825 German Cam. Pale Brown
Stg 44 and helmet: Vallejo 995 German Grey
Haversack: Foundry Rawhide Shade 11A
Mag pouches: Vallejo 886 Green Grey
Belt: Black
Sling: GW Scorched Brown

after this you apply a black wash on your figure.

First paint the figure black.

Hey folks,
after some requests i decided to create an painting guide for my 15mm Waffen SS figures.

I hope you can follow my description and you like it.

Cheers !


German Elite forces Normandy 1944 Flames of War

All vehicles are painted with an airbrush and weathered with oil paints and pigments.

In the next time i will write an painting guide for the camouflage uniforms.

Hope you like them Cheers !